Fitrocks Kettlebell

“The handmade Fitrocks began their journey 600 million years ago when the lava began to bubble up deep beneath the earth's crust to create mountains. Numerous ice ages shaped and carved the mountains to create chunks of rock which then were shaped by sand and water to create these beautiful Fitrocks.

Fitrocks kettlebell combines Finnish granite and birch which are hand picked and hand grafted from best materials available. Each Fitrock is manually handled in Finland through the entire production process to ensure a high level of quality workmanship.

The benefit of Fitrock kettlebell training is based on functional movement which means that more than one muscle group is working at the same time. Training challenges your muscular and cardiovascular system with dynamic full body actions.

Available in 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg and 20kg. ”


Product Details

ITEM CODE: 50002-4
WEIGHT (kg): 4kg

ITEM CODE: 50002-6
WEIGHT (kg): 6kg

ITEM CODE: 50002-8
WEIGHT (kg): 8kg

ITEM CODE: 50002-10
WEIGHT (kg): 10kg

ITEM CODE: 50002-12
WEIGHT (kg): 12kg

ITEM CODE: 50002-14
WEIGHT (kg): 14kg

ITEM CODE: 50002-16
WEIGHT (kg): 16kg

ITEM CODE: 50002-20
WEIGHT (kg): 20kg

COLOR: Granite-Birch
MATERIAL: Granite, Birch and Leather
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Product weight and measure are estimations. True weight and measure will vary because of nature materials.