Oval Exercise Ball

Idea for home use, the Oval Exercise Ball is an alternative to the traditional exercise ball. Due to its shape, the Oval Exercise Ball is more stable than the exercise ball and thus perfect for those have challenges with balance. Training on the Oval Exercise Ball will increase muscle strength, improve balance and coordination as most exercises incorporate both upper and lower body whilst engaging the core muscles. Contains Oval-shaped gym ball (silver, size 85cm x 37cm), hand pump & a written exercise instructions.

Product Details

SIZE (cm): 84 x 36 x 36
WEIGHT (kg): 1,2
COLOR: silver
MAX.USER W (kg): 100

ITEM CODE: 62003

Product Package

PACKAGE TYPE: color box, hand pump & workout instruction
SIZE (cm): 27 x 25,5 x 9,5
WEIGHT (kg): 1,65