Pro Step

With this sturdy fitness gym-level step board you train safely even the toughest workouts. You can train harder and improve your muscle condition. The floor blocks doesn’t slip and rubber coated platform provides a safe surface to step on. Board height is easily adjustable to three different heights (15, 20 and 25cm). Available in black-red and black-grey colors. Contains: height adjustable step board (size: 97 x 36 x 25cm, weight: 8kg)

Product Details

SIZE (cm): 97 x 36 x 25
WEIGHT (kg): 8
COLOR: black/red and black/grey
MAX.USER W (kg): 120

Black and red – ITEM CODE: 61054
black and grey – ITEM CODE: 61054G

Product Package

PACKAGE TYPE: brown carton
SIZE (cm): 39 x 98 x 17
WEIGHT (kg): 8,5